Today’s companies need to make sense of large amounts of data from heterogeneous and ever expanding data sources. To maintain a competitive edge, they need to analyze that information fast and use it to improve products and services.

To maximize their use of information, companies also need to integrate multiple internal and external data sources together, across a range of systems. Consecutively that creates the need for constantly updating and modernizing their business applications. This in turn puts pressure on application development and testing teams.

To successfully test, you must have the right data. That is the key challenge addressed by Rever S.E.A.L., our Test Data Management (TDM) solution.

Unreliable and incoherent data will adversely impact the validity of your entire testing procedure, thus delaying critical projects, wasting test time and company resources. It is generally accepted that Test Data Management is essential to the success of your data governance strategy.

Well managed, TDM enables to :

  • Manage risk
  • Increase business agility
  • Reduce cost (hardware resources, manpower, licensing)
  • Avoid data protection breaches

Reported Benefits

In practice our customers report significant benefits being gained from implementing Rever’s Select Extract Anonymize and Load solution (S.E.A.L.) :

  • Over 30% of effort savings are achieved due to maximum automation, data reuse and reduced test data volumes
  • Availability of representative and complete production like data to the test teams eliminates over 5% of integration defects
  • Test data is fully tailored to specific testing needs (functional, integration, performance, security…)
  • Traceability of test data to test cases to business requirements helps to understand the test coverage as well as defect patterns
  • Reuse of the test data artifacts leading to reduction of test time
  • Optimal creation of reusable test data set which could be a full copy from production or a subset or anonymized data
  • Reduced IT cost for non-production environments due to less data volume

Rever Protect and the General Data Protection Regulation

More importantly, Rever Protect combined with Rever Master will enable you to address the General Data Protection Regulation challenge. The GDPR places a great emphasis on the accountability for data controllers to demonstrate data compliance. They are required to maintain an audit trail, reports and implement data privacy by design. The GDPR carries significant penalties that can amount to up to €20 million or 4% of annual global turnover.


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