Because a picture is worth a thousand words, here you'll find some of the visual presentations of Rever's know-how.

Personal data and GDPR

GDPR personal data

What data are concerned by the new European regulation, and what are the next steps you have to take to comply?


Information management

data management

Empower your organization through protecting data, building digital trust and avoiding financial penalties and reputational loss for your enterprise.


Data quality

data quality

Data quality discovery and monitoring are important aspects of the technology used to reach good data quality.


Data virtualization

data virtualization

Transform your organization's data history into a financial asset by shining a light on dusty and abandonned data with a technology that revolutionizes data accessibility.


Data breaches

data breaches

Visual overview of costs of data breaches and the resulting regulations for enforced data protection.


Data lifecycle

data lifecycle

Management of data's full lifecycle inside an information system : from their creation to their deletion.


Data accuracy

data quality

The distance that exists between the data stored in databases and the reality they represent.

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