In order to prepare the challenge of the General Data Protection Regulation, REVER and ACTECIL GROUPE launched a software solution to support companies that are juggling with personal data.

The two specialists - Rever in information systems and ActeCil Group in compliance for personal data - are strengthening their links with this partnership.

What is GDPR ?

All companies in Europe and/or based in the European Union will soon have to comply with the new regulation which will come into force on 25 May 2018 and which concerns the protection of persons and their rights in the use of their data by organizations. This regulation, known as GDPR for the General Data Protection Regulation, will compel companies to protect their customers' data, and the latter will also have the right to know how their data is used in a clear and complete way. Any company that is not in compliance will risk heavy fines.

To meet this challenge, Rever and ActeCil Group have developed a bundled software suite that implements each of their specialties (technical and legal) in order to facilitate this compliance task. This tool will allow each individual involved in data processing within a company (data protection officer, legal manager, business manager, technical manager) to contribute to the collaborative work necessary to bring their company in compliance, each in their field of predilection. This solution will, among other things, facilitate the construction of a processing register as required by the GDPR. This register will be backed up by more technical tools meeting the protection requirements, such as a repository, a personal data card and a register of the programs that access the data, and going further in the discussion we will also mention
« privacy by design » and « pseudonymization ».

As an Information Governance specialist, Rever joins forces with Personal Data Management compliance expert ActeCil Group. The two French-speaking companies are in this way reinforcing their position on the European market when data protection is concerned.

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With such references as the Caisse Centrale d'Activités Sociales (EDF, GDF, IEG) and Inter Mutuelles Assistance for ActeCil Groupe and Crédit Agricole and the Belgian Ministry of Finance for Rever, this technological union is ready to face all demands while the countdown has started for all businesses in Europe and overseas.



Muriel Adamski