Warning : You're losing money by not using data virtualization

You think your organization does all the right things when it comes to data management and your 50+ databases are well documented according to your DBA (DataBase Administrator). So why worry ?

Well, a DBA is indeed more than able to handle the technical issues of data storage, access and security, but what about the actual usage your organization makes of the data ?


DataBook : A year in review (2015)

What was new for DataBook in 2015 ?

At Rever, we are constantly working in order to improve our products. Always with two fundamentals in mind : customer satisfaction and innovation. As our software continue to evolve, we were able to offer several new initiatives in 2015.

Here's a recap of what happened last year for our data virtualization tool DataBook which we were very proud to present to the world in its newly improved version !

Version 1.2 [March 30, 2015] :


Free your data silos

Meet the data virtualization tool by Rever

A cloud-ready and simple, yet powerful web application that will free your data silos regardless of the type of database, source or system used. Ever wondered how you could cut the time and cost spent on data preparation and analytics in your organization ? DataBook is the answer to all your questions !

Discover the animated video introducing our innovative software and its main features :


What is DataBook ?

Do you need to virtualize your data ?

DataBook, what is it ?

  • My data :

 the way I want  : 

- I collect them according to my needs, even if they're scattered across separate databases
- I name them as I please
- I rearrange them as per my own rules

 whenever I want  :

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