What is Model Driven Data Engineering ?

Digital innovation begins with information systems

While professional computing as practiced by organizations (large enterprises, SMEs, public services...) was able to benefit at first from a number of empirical approaches based on the use of emerging technologies, this period is now over.

Faced with the omnipresence of computer applications in all the activities of the organization, faced with the imbroglio of the existing systems and the lack of documentation (or even shared knowledge) available, the IT services are requesting :


IMS to SQL migration : Part 4 of 4

Last article in a four-part series.

Read the previous parts ->

Program adaptation

The first three parts of this article described the design of the new database and the migration of data. This last part describes how the applications will be modified to allow them to access the new database instead of the old IMS database.

This program adaptation must meet two constraints :

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