Don't let data breaches keep you up at night

The situation so far... 

2014 has seen a serious rise in data breaches on a global (and international) scale. TargetSony Pictures, Home Depot, to name but a few, are major companies that were hit in the U.S. and earned the most press coverage about their recent protection debacle. In France, communications company Orange was also targeted by ill-intentioned hackers. Dozens and dozens of organizations worldwide were concerned by a data breach from the inside or from an external threat.


Why you should take data breaches more seriously

The most common data breaches that companies have to face are :

  • Stolen data / hacked (from inside or outside sources)
  • Administrative errors (human operator mistakes)
  • Mistakenly online exposition (insufficient protection or application vulnerabilities)
  • Visual hacking (workers accessing data from their mobile or personal devices)
  • Data loss (malwares, espionage)
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