Data lifecycle management, what is it anyway ?

DLM or ILM ?

What is Data lifecycle management (or DLM for short) ? It's about handling data's full lifecycle inside an information system : from their creation to their deletion (or archiving) when they become obsolete. Data lifecycle management could be defined as the group of processes implemented in order to manage the enterprise's data from their definition to their retrieval ("technical" point of view). For instance, a typical question in DLM would be "When can you archive a particular datum ?". 


Distilling your data into valuable information

Analogy between a whisky distillery and data management

The similitudes don't typically jump out, do they? But you'll quickly see the point. 

On one side, in a whisky distillery we have engineers who build the tubings and alembics and such (the containers), and biologists who are in charge of taking care of the many processes leading to the final product (the content). It's all about measuring the quality and tasting.

Once bottled, the blend of whisky goes to meet the world (and be enjoyed by happy consumers).

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