The General Data Protection Regulation

By May 25th 2018, all the European enterprises or those active on the European territory have to comply with the new « regulation concerning the individual data privacy protection and the circulation of these data » (aka GDPR).

Within the framework of these regulations and at the risk of severe fines, companies have the obligation :

  1.  to respect the rights of the individual : right to information, access rectification, deletion rights
  2.  to protect the personal data against any losses, thefts or accidental or voluntary misuses
  3.  to build and maintain a « Record of Processings » describing one or several reasons for the processing, the personal data used, the rules followed regarding data retention, the possible transfers of data, the organizational and technical measures of protection, etc.

The challenge

For companies to be and stay compliant with the new European regulation in such a short deadline is a real challenge, both on the organizational plan and technical plan. Indeed, the multiple activities supported by IT applications, the diversity of technologies used, the complexity of the codes and technical processes, have buried the data in very deep layers which are complex to update and to understand.

The solution

To meet this challenge, REVER and ACTECIL finalized a complete software suite which is unique on the market.

Having DATA related projects ? Don't know where to start ?


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