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Rever ontwikkelt REAL GDPR Solution

January 2018 (De Vlaamse Ondernemer) Rever N.V. (Namen), specialist in reverse engineering, heeft samen met de Franse onderneming ActeCil (Schweighouse-sur-Moder) de software suite REAL GDPR Solution (RGS) ontwikkeld.

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Rever Announces an International Distribution Agreement with Hermitage Solutions

December 2017 (Dataversity) A recent press release states, “The Belgian information governance specialist REVER has just signed an agreement with the European distributor of security, infrastructure and network solutions HERMITAGE SOLUTIONS.

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Belgian Technologies for Banks and Insurance Companies - Agoria

2011 (Agoria) Members Banking Technology Club.

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Data Integration between Objectiver and DB-Main: A Case Study of a Model-Driven Interoperability Bridge

2016 In building software systems, the integration of tools with the purpose of exchanging data (i.e. tool interoperability) is common practice.

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DB-Main : Apresentação da Ferramenta

2015 A user-made presentation in Portuguese. By inf.unioeste.br

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Software Evolution

2008 The ability to evolve software rapidly and reliably is a major challenge for software engineering. Featuring important research themes in software evolution.

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Encyclopedia of Database Technologies and Applications

2006 Case tools for database engineering. Designing and implementing a database comprising a few tables requires a level of expertise that is readily found among most experienced users, provided they are somewhat keen on office productivity tools.

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Strategy for Database Application Evolution: The DB-MAIN Approach

October 2003 While recent data management technologies, e.g., object-oriented, address the problem of databases schema evolution, standard information systems currently in use raise challenging problems when evolution is concerned. This paper studies database evolution from the developer point of view. It shows how requirements changes are propagated to the database schemas, to the data and to the programs through a general strategy.

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Strategies for data reengineering

2002 This paper describes and analyzes a series of strategies to migrate data-intensive applications from a legacy data management system to a modern DMS.

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Database Engineering Processes with DB-MAIN

January 2000 Conference: Proceedings of the 8th European Conference on Information Systems, Trends in Information and Communication Systems for the 21st Century, ECIS 2000, Vienna, Austria, July 3-5, 2000.

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Advances in Conceptual Modeling

November 1999 The DBRE functions of DB-MAIN. Several industrial projects have proved that powerful techniques and tools are essential to support DBRE, especially the data structure extraction process, in realistic size projects.

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DB-MAIN: A next generation meta-CASE

April 1999 This paper describes the DB-MAIN meta-CASE architecture that attempts to conciliate seemingly contradictory goals concerning efficiency, ergonomics, evolution, reuse and ontologies integration. The architecture is based on two layers, the first of which includes built-in basic concepts and functions that should be part of every Information System oriented CASE tool.

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Reverse Engineering

1996 This paper analyzes the requirements that CASE tools should meet for effective database reverse engineering (DBRE), and proposes a general architecture for data-centered applications reverse engineering CASE environments.

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Entity-Relationship Approach - ER '94. Business Modelling and Re-Engineering

December 1994 The DB-Main database engineering environment (DB-Main CASE tool, for short) is to be used as an experimental research laboratory, as an industrial tool, and as an educational tool as well. Just like any CASE tool, DB-Main offers the standard functions for specifications entry, management, consultation, validation, storing and reporting.

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