Do you need to virtualize your data ?

DataBook, what is it ?

  • My data :

 the way I want  : 

- I collect them according to my needs, even if they're scattered across separate databases
- I name them as I please
- I rearrange them as per my own rules

 whenever I want  :

- I access them in « real » time
- I don't need any prior manipulation nor any technical knowledge

 wherever I want  :

- I have easy access to them, regardless of the database they're recorded in
- I connect myself from my PC, my tablet or from my smartphone

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  • No fee !

download your trial  :

- available under WindowsLinux 32-Bits & 64-Bits
- you have access to all available options during your trial period, after this you will keep access to the software (minus the advanced options)


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Muriel Adamski